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2020 has been and still is the start of ‘The Great Awakening. The further we go into the decade of #20Plenty, it is so important to be in complete and absolute allowance and alignment of the infinite being you truly be and to remember that you have within you, everything you require to navigate these times of change especially as the lies of this 3rd dimensional reality are exposed and with that, belief systems that you may have been holding in place for a very long time, will start to collapse and you might require some tools and guidance to rediscover what is actually true for you.

As we move deeper into the 5th Dimensional realms, the divide between the old and new energies will become more apparent and your light, essence and energetic contribution will be greatly required by the planet to anchor in the new energies. This change and transformation started in 2012 and due to the fight that the old reality has put up, our beautiful planet Earth has not been able to hold the new frequencies and vibrations on her own. Now is the time we truly step into the role of being the custodians of light that we came here to be.

So if you would like to step up above the noise, trauma and drama and step into a far greater mindset, a higher personal vibration and frequency, than you have ever chosen before, than this Private Telegram might just be what you have been asking The Universe for!