Loving the body you’re in

With Woman’s Day coming up this week I wanted to use this blog post to get our attention back to loving and nurturing ourselves and our bodies.

Woman tend to be the harshest on themselves. We are surrounded by social media, advertising and other mediums which if you do not feel comfortable in your own body will only escalate the self-hate, the self-judgment and self-anger towards your body and yourself.

We are either too skinny or not skinny enough. We are either too voluptuous or not voluptuous enough and clothing stores have not made things any easier when the sizing of clothing never remains constant and if ever a number was to be made significant, it is the number that represents the size of your clothing.

There was a great article and picture that was published on social media a while back where it showed about 8 to 10 differently shaped and sized woman all the same underwear too. Each of those beautiful Ladies weighed exactly the same yet you would have never guessed it based on what your eyes would try to tell you.

And it is those same eyes that are judging your own body, comparing your body to other bodies and giving you report backs when you look in the mirror, are trying out clothes, walking about a yoga studio, gym or just out and about in general.

This has been my journey for most of my life. I only became aware of my body and how different it was to others when I was in Primary School when my hormones started doing their thing and I started ‘changing’.

I started the body journey of the highs and lows of gaining weight, losing weight, gaining more weight, losing weight, gaining and so on. I judged my body so badly and we had a very turbulent relationship which each other as I was in judgment of the fact or perception that the other girls at school, seemed to have something figured out as no matter what, their weight stayed pretty constant and they seemed happy all the time.

It was only when in my Matric year that I started loving my body a little better by appreciating that everything about my body was different. I was far more emotionally and energetically sensitive than my classmates and my body was always aware of this and using my weight and itself to either try ground me (weight gain) or shift energy (weight loss). I became a lot more active, running, cycling, weight training and started being aware that my perception and point of views around the foods I was choosing, was far more important than what I was actually consuming.

Then through my spiritual journey and the various learnings and teachings I came across, I found more and more peace with my body and started accepting and loving the unique gift it truly is to me.

When you start finding that peace, that acceptance and that love for everything your body is and does for you, the deeper your connection will become to your body where you will start to understand that besides being your vessel and vehicle in this lifetime, it is also your most spot-on GPS system in this reality constantly giving you feedback and messages through various feelings: hot, cold, pain, intensities, colds/flu, vibrant energy to the complete opposite of absolute exhaustion.

On a spiritual level, the added knowledge of each of our chakra centers gives us even more information about what is happening around us in our own environment and in the world around us and what is going on within us emotionally.

If you are new to chakra’s, here is a link to a beautiful beginners guide on the Mind Valley Blog:

Beginners Guide To Chakras: A Complete Chakra Map

This journey of loving and accepting our bodies and for having a much greater understanding and relationship with our bodies is not something that happens overnight. In fact, it is a daily practice, which is why yoga is such a powerful tool to practice and to deepen the communion between you and your body. After all, the meaning of the word Yoga is Union.

And with every day, your practice of loving and nurturing your body, that potent and powerful relationship is strengthened and deepened until there is no more judgment left between you and your body.

That is a beautiful step in the path to enlightenment.

Until next time, much love, magical blessings and gratitude for you all.

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